Seijin no Hi(成人の日)

We’ve already talked about Shichi-Go-San and celebrating children in Novemberbut in the New Year it’s time to congratulate those becoming young adults. Seijin no Hi (or “Coming of Age Day”) is a Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday in January, with various festivities for all those who turned or will turn 20 over the past year, until 1 April. This year, it’s today! 

To celebrate, local or prefectural offices in Japan organise seijin-shiki (“coming of age ceremonies”) in the morning, and friends and family also mark the occasion by holding parties.  Young women wear intricate furisode, a type of kimono with longer, hanging sleeves, while these days young men opt for Western-style suits over more traditional hakama. 

Happy Seijin no Hi to all those who turned 20! 

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