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Daruma 9cm - Yellow

Daruma 9cm - Yellow

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Japanese Daruma dolls: timeless symbols of perseverance and determination. Each doll represents the pursuit of goals and resilience in the face of challenges.
In Japanese tradition, the Daruma doll embodies a unique ritual: begin by painting the left eye (right as you look at it) when setting a goal, and add the other eye once the goal is achieved. As you paint each eye, use the moment to impart your dreams and aspirations onto the doll, infusing it with your determination and commitment.

Here's the meaning behind each colour:

  • Red: Symbolizes the classic all-purpose daruma, peace in the family, and prayers for victory.
  • Black: Represents business success, avoiding natural disasters.
  • Gold: Signifies wealth and prosperity, as well as prayers for victory.
  • White: Associated with success, longevity, safe childbirth, and pregnancy.
  • Blue: Reflects career success, independence, and employment opportunities.
  • Yellow: Symbolizes honor, fame, good luck, and beauty.
  • Green: Represents good health and improvement in sports.
  • Peach: Symbolizes a good match and marriage.
  • Orange: Associated with self-improvement and family prosperity.
  • Purple: Signifies individuality, fostering good relationships, and emotional stability.


Paper Mache


W7 x H9 cm

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