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Set of Sewing Needles with Longer Eye

Set of Sewing Needles with Longer Eye

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Assorted needles with longer eye from Misuya Chubei, produced in Kyoto, Japan. 

 Each box contains the following 5 different types of needles (25 needles in total)

- 三 – 二 = 3-2 Needle x 5 (Size W:0.71mm L 36.4mm) 
Suitable for cotton and thick material.

- 三 – 五 = 3-5 Needle x 5 (Size W:0.71mm L45.5mm) 
Suitable for blind stitching hems on cotton and thick material.

- 四 – 二= 4-2 Needle x 5 (Size W:0.56mm L 36.4mm)
A Whipping Needle / Suitable for silk and wool.

- 四 – 五= 4-5 Needle x 5 (Size W:0.56mm L 45.5mm)
A large Needle / Suitable for sewing and blind stitching on silk or wool.

- 大ちやぼ = Large Chabo Needle x 5 (Size W:0.84mm L 39.4mm)
Suitable for attaching buttons and working with thick fabrics.

Made in Japan

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